Official Rick and Morty is this Jolly enough Christmas shirt, sweater

Even her own family. We couldn’t pay attention to others or else we didn’t lover her. My mother couldn’t understand that I had a best friend so she once asked me in an insulting tone if I was a lesbian since we hung out all the Rick and Morty is this Jolly enough Christmas shirt, sweater Apart from…,I will love this time. She never had that type of friendship so of course her mind leads her to believe I’m gay. So one day, since I had been going to my bffs house after school almost everyday (her neighborhood was across from mine) my mom took away my going out privileges and put strict rules on me— I was in 6th grade. I was now only allowed to go out on the weekends but not really. If I got invited to do something on both weekend days I had to choose what to do cause if I went out Saturday I couldn’t go out Sunday cause l “already went out” and “isn’t that enough?” She also placed unreasonable curfews and we had to be back home on the fucking dot. If we were even 1 minute late she would ground us. Since she was always so restricting it kind of made my sis and I not wanna go out cause sometimes it was such a hassle to get permission. My mother just wanted us to always be home, even if she wasn’t home. Fortunately, she had no problem having my friends over so my house was always the hang out place. That really helped.We had to think like her, dress to her taste, and do things exactly the way she did them. We were not allowed to question her since what she said was absolute. She needed us to depend on her or else she would have nothing. She needed to feel important and be at the center of everything. If you disagreed with her opinions then she felt attacked and would start a huge fight that ended with her saying that we “hate her” and that she should just die yes she’d go super dark. She was always the victim. Nothing was ever her fault. You could not say no to my mom. If she asked you to do her a favor, it wasn’t really a question. Just a formality cause she expected us to say yes and not refuse. We could never win with her.

Rick and Morty is this Jolly enough Christmas shirt, sweater hoodie

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